torsdag 10 april 2014

Terrain - Changing my mind and going through with the decision!

Last time I played against Øivind at my place, I realized that I wasn't satisfied with the choise I'd made for the colour scheme. I decided to re-paint my recently finished table.

For you who have played Inquisitor (the 54mm figure-role playing game), you might remember some of the terrain they made for the rulebook. They created a world called Zarona, and designed a small frontier town in the dessert, with all kind of machinery, suggesting it used to be a mining town or similar. I wanted to do something similar. I was good and took a lot of pictures while I was painting, so I will walk you through the process.

Step 1 - Getting rid of the ugly brown I previously used. I loaded my spraygun with Zamesi dessert and covered the entire board.

I noticed that there were several patches where the sand hadn't stuck to the board (a problem you might encounter when you mix too much water with the PVA glue). This was going to be repaired.

Step 2 - I filled the patches (and some random areas that were missing sand) with a thick layer of Agrellan Earth.

When the paint dried, it cracked up and gave me the desired effect.

Step 3 - I sprayed the table again. To give a even layer of Zamesi, and to paint the patches of Agrellan Earth.

Step 4 - I drybrushed the entire table with Ushabti Bone, using a large drybrush.

I switched to an even larger brush when I realized that it would take forever to finish the board with the large drybrush.

Step 5 - Almost done! The patches that still looked "naked", i.e. missing either sand or Agrellan Earth, was decorated with a couple of Mordheim Tufts (using PVA glue).

Step 6 - And onto the buildings! I donated a couple of my old buildings, because I decided to use Manufactorums exclusively. These were sprayed black to begin with.

 Step 7 - Using the same huge brush I used for the board, I drybrushed all the buildings Leadbelcher.

Step 8 - Using a large drybrush, I washed the buildings Agrax Earthshade...

Step 9 - ...and using the same brush, stippling Ryza Rust in patches.

Step 10 - With the same brush (Think i was my favorite during this period), I painted a verrrry light drybrush of Runefang Steel to represent chipping.

Step 11 - The floor was painted Eshin Grey.

Step 12 - Drybrushed Dawnstone.

Step 13 - And a final highlight by drybrushing Administratum Grey.

Step 14 - I had a lot of barrels and crates from my days of playing Inquisitor, so these got the same treatment as the buildings.

And there we go! The finished gaming table! I am really satisfied with the looks of the table now, and I am actually already making 3 more buildings, and adding some more barrels. I still have 4 more tiles for my Realm of Battle, and these will be finished as well at some point. As for the roofs, they are made out of textured plastic card, painted Khorne Red, washed Agrax Earthshade, then drybrushed in Leadbelcher, Ryza Rust and Runefang Steel.

I have also improved when it comes to gaming (just luck I guess), so I'm really looking forward to another game, preferably on my new table!

Until next time!

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