tisdag 25 november 2014

Death Guard Gallery

Today I will make a new tag in my blog - called Gallery.
This post is not finished, it will be updated as I add more units to my army.
But for now, here's my finished Death Guard Army!



Typhus, formerly known as Calas Typhon.
Lord of the Death Guard.

Lord Golesh, survivor from the Heresy era,
previous rank unknown, but possibly Centurion or Praetor.
Took command of the warband when his Lord Siphistus ascended to daemonhood.

Necrosius the Undying, Chaos Sorcerer.
Famous for his involvement in the Siege of Vraks, where he led a warband under the command of Arkos the Faithless.

The Grave Warden
Former sergeant of a Grave Warden squad (Heresy Era). As the last survivor, he has risen to the ranks of Lord, and has a small warband of his own. Carries a Toxic discharger (which I use as the Burning Brand of Skalathrax). Name has been long lost, now he just goes by the monicker "The" Grave Warden.

Daemon Prince of Nurgle. Previous Lord of the warband, ascended to daemonhood.

Daemon Prince known only as 'Reaper'. Several scholars belive this individual is none other than the Daemon Primarch Mortarion himself (and until Forge World decides to sculpt such a figure, who say it isn't!?).


The Deathshroud
Typhus' personal bodyguard. All of them are armed with combi-bolters and power scythes.

Terminator Squad
Armed with Combi-meltas.

Ferrum Infernus - The Everliving
 Interred into the sarcophagus some time during the Horus Heresy.
Possessed by a Plaguebearer since *Unknown*.

Cholera, Helbrute
Became a Dreadnought pilot right before the legion's transformation.
Had he survived a day longer, Nurgle might have saved him. Instead, he is trapped forever in a machine.

The second Helbrute in my collection, weapon swap pending.


Squad 1
Marking: a bronze fly on the right shoulder pad with green trimmings. 
20 man strong, 2 meltaguns and Champion wielding a power axe.

Squad 2
Marking: Bronze bubo on right shoulder pad with green trimmings.
15 man strong, 2 plasmaguns and Champion armed with a combi-plasma.

Squad 3
Marking: Fly on green background on right shoulder pad.
7 man strong, 2 plasmaguns and Champion armed with a combi-plasma.

Squad 4
Marking: Bubo on green background on right shoulder pad.
7 man strong, 2 meltaguns and Champion armed with a Powerfist.

Chaos Cultists
10 man strong with assorted weapons.

Plague Zombies
20 man strong.
from 20 to Legion...

Fast Attack

Blight Drone
Giant daemon-maggot turned into a warmachine.

Heavy Support

Chaos Predator
Annihilator pattern

 Chaos Vindicator
 Upgraded with Siege Shield.

Chaos Land Raider
Typhus' personal transport.


Plague Hulk
A former Defiler of the Death Guard Legion.


Dedicated Transports

First Chaos Rhino

Second Chaos Rhino
Lord Golesh's personal transport.

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