fredag 24 juni 2016

Hall of Fame

Although I promised myself to keep this blog strictly 40k only, I'm gonna go off-topic and showcase my all-time favourite model: The Slaughterpriest.

When I was just a kid, my best friend invited my over to his house, because his brother wanted to play a board game he had lying around. That boardgame was Hero Quest. I loved the game from day one, and decided that I needed to own this myself. I sold my toys to be able to afford it.

Skip ahead a couple of decades to when Games Workshop announced that Warhammer Quest was being re-released. I'm well aware that it's not like Hero Quest, but close enough to have me going bananas.

Games Workshop actually sent the boxed game to our store a week early as well, so we could have the game on display for the actual pre-order day. I got the honour of assebling the figures, read the rules and demo the game for our customers. Since I got to look at the rules even before the game was even announced, I went through all the pages. Something that caught my eye was the additional rules for 4 heroes that we already had on our shelves. I new instantly which hero I would play.
The Slaughterpriest!

Ever since the release of this figure, I've wanted it. I really should just have bought it and painted it for the sake of painting, but I tried to find some use for it as well. Since I didn't play Khorne Bloodbound, I simply didn't find use for the figure at all.

But with the release of Silver Tower (the new Warhammer Quest), I finally had a reason to buy it!
The week after the release GW released an expansion set for Silver Tower as well, where you got all 4 extra heroes at an insane reduced price. I wasn't even mad - I bought that box as well.

Anyway, this is the figure I've put on the pedestal "My favourite model". The pose, the stature, the details! Everything about this model is just perfect!
It does also help that I'm really satisfied with the paintjob too.


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  1. It's a great looking model, and inspired my own! And we have cool things planned for AoS!