söndag 2 oktober 2016

Lord Batchpaint on Facebook!

Hey Everyone! I've just started an artist page on Facebook, and there's where I'll post pictures of my projects. More or less, I'm abandoning this blog, but will post my complete work under the gallery tag. Facebook is just so much easier to work with, I can post pictures from my phone

So please, follow "Lord Batchpaint" on Facebook, like the page, share, comment and I will keep uploading pictures!

Terradax signing out!

tisdag 27 september 2016

Dark Apostle of Nurgle

I enjoyed converting this miniature so much that it only took me a day to paint it!

And with this character I am now able to field The Lost and the Damned formation from Traitor's Hate. Now I want more cultists though...


fredag 23 september 2016


After suffering a severe dehydration from drooling all over Traitor's Hate, I've returned to the painting table. I've been a good lad and "started" working on the rest of my Death Guard (or finally decided to finish my work, more likely...)

3rd and final Helbrute along a squad of possessed.

Dark Apostle of Nurgle!
Going through all the formations, I've settled for a couple of them: The Chaos Warband is really tempting, although that means I won't be able to field my Plague Marines in the same formation. The Lost and the Damned formation is really cool, and I can still add Typhus and up to 4 units of Plague Marines in the same detachment - the only thing I was missing was a Dark Apostle, which, after a lot of brainstorming, soulsearching and discussing with my friends, I managed to convert myself!
Doesn't have a name yet, I just know I REALLY look forward to painting him!

Until next time!

lördag 10 september 2016

WIP - Mechanicus terrain

As soon as this was released, I knew I had to have it. Currently the shade is drying, after that I'm painting it in the same colours as my Metalica army!

Good night!