måndag 26 maj 2014

Welcome to Zarona - Here be Daemons!

For the first time I'm actually satisfied with my work on a gaming board! My desert table "Zarona" is a big accomplishment for me because - as I've said before - this is the first time I actually finish a gaming table. 5th time's a charm, eh?

I realized that I probably need a bigger table and decided to paint up two more tiles. I now have a 6'x4' table! The timing couldn't be better, with the release of 7th edition...

I'm actually considering adding a generatorum nexus from Forge World, switching out one of the flat tiles for a huge machine. Probably the thing powering up the entire outpost before "the incident".

Generatorum Nexus form Forge World, picture used without permission.

I haven't played any games of 7th edition yet (not on my table at least), and this is the only battle I've played so far. Death Guard VS Space Wolves. My friend Ricardo brought his beautifully painted Wolves (that just entered (and won) several categories in The Fang painting competition!) and managed to end my winning streak. We have a game booked in two weeks, so I'll make sure to kick his ass then.

Speaking of ass-kicking, with the Malefic Psychic powers in the new edition of 40k, I need something to summon the daemons. That's what I'm working on for the moment, amongst other things. More on this as work progresses.

Oh, and if you haven't tried Maelstrom of War scenarios yet - Do it!

Until next time!

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