måndag 10 mars 2014

The Knight Marches to War!

In what I like to think is a record time (personal record, mind you), I managed to finish my Imperial Chaos Knight in about a week. Since my friend Öivind was back in Norway for a quick visit, we decided to play a semi-large game. Since it's my house, it's my rules (and Öivinds approval), I played Chaos Space Marines with an allied Knight!

The completed Knight in all its glory! I wanted it to match my Death Guard, so I made up a story that the Death Guard found a Knight whos pilot had been killed by some disease. How fitting!
The Death Guard stole it, re-painted it and let one of their cultists pilot it.

But now, on to the battle report!

We played the Relic, with a diagonal set up. I rolled highest and forced Öivind to deploy on the hill, with as little cover as possible!

Öivind deployed his Ultramarines, Captain Uriel Ventris and an assault squad in the land raider, escorted by a devastator squad and dreadnought. on the far right he set up his second devastator squad, dreadnought and tactical squad. He kept an assault squad, tactical squad in drop pod and an empty drop pod in reserve.

I deployed my Death Guard in a similar manner. Obliterators on top of the building (which is VERY ugly by the way, will have to finish painting those), the Knight behind it, vindicator to roll through the buildings, and spawn in the front.

I had Typhus deploy alongside 20 plague Zombies.

Necrosius the Undying joined the 20-man Plague Marine squad. If something is going to survive a punishment, it's gonna be these guys!

Öivind deployed his drop pod, which scattered a bit behind. It turned out to be empty though. He opened fire on my obliterators, taking out a wound on one of them. The devastators on the right flank shot my Vindicator and managed to immobilize it. Great start!

In my turn I spread out my plaguemarines, ran forward with my Spawn and assaulted the drop pod with my zombies. Typhus had a small chance to destroy it, which he failed.
The knight opened fire on the land raider and dreadnought, inflicting a weapon destroyed on the dreadnought. Here's what I forgot during turn 1:

*To use Psychic powers.
*That I had Obliterators on the table.

In turn 2, Öivind proceeded with destroying my vindicator and getting first blood. He also managed to kill one of my Obliterators.

 The zombies advanced around the drop pod, trying to sneak around the venerable dreadnought.

The Plague Marines advance and grab the Relic!

In turn 3 the Ultramarines sprung their trap! A Tactical squad landed with a drop pod, opening fire on the Plague Marines. The assault squad dropped near the second drop pod and opened fire as well, while Uriel Ventris and his squad disembarked from their Land Raider, ready to assault!

Ventris and Necrosius are locked in a duel! We both rolled quite poorly during this combat. I managed to kill more than Öivind, and thanks to Necrosius Warlord trait, Ventris failed his leadship test and had to flee.

The Knight punished Ventris by blasting his rapid-fire battle cannon on his squad. Only Ventris survived!

While Typhus was in combat with the assault squad, Necrosius assaulted the tactical squad. Ventris retreated back into his Land Raider, and the Dreadnought moved up to block the hatch.

 The Knight managed to make a double charge and destroy both the Land Raider AND Dreadnought in one round of close combat! Ventris was doomed!

Ventris didn't go without a fight though! He charged Typhus and his squad of Zombies (actually only one zombie...). The Dreadnought smashed Typhus into a pulp, and that's when the Knight interfered. He cut down both Ventris and the Venerable on  the charge! Necrosius had at this point finished off the tactical squad and moved to claim the relic. 

Öivind gave up after he had played his turn 6, since the outcome was obvious. Necrosius would claim the relic, and the Knight would destroy the last drop pod, for fun.

Victory Chaos Marines! 7-1

It's too bad that Knights aren't allowed in a Chaos Marine army, because it look awesome in mine!
I will definitely try more games using it.

Until next time!

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