söndag 2 mars 2014

Unholy Knight

May I present to you, my Imperial Chaos Knight!

Next week sees the release of the Codex for these bad boys, so I honestly have no idea if I am able to take one for my Chaos army, but since I never play tournaments, I don't care!
Usually I play against my friends, and a lot of them are pretty cool with changing the rules a bit for fun. Since I paint a lot of Death Guard right now, I decided to align it with them.

 I clipped open the helmet to expose the cool skull-face underneath, and to represent battle damage.

Instead of the eagles on the front and the back of the torso, I added gargoyles from the Chaos Tank sprue.

For the Nurgly look I dabbed Liquid Green Stuff on all the carapace plates (which aren't glued on yet, by the way), and after that I painted some patches of Agrellan Earth to represent paint cracking up (not shown on the picture).

I found a Defiler faceplate (kindly donated from Rik, ages ago). It fit like a glove on the battle cannon! If the battle cannon was a hand, that is...

Instead of the Aquilla, Machina Opus or The Laurel Fidelis, I opted for a Mark of Nurgle. The banner will be added as soon as I've replaced the eagles for gargoyles. I have figured out a colour scheme, but have no idea what to do about the heraldry. I'll figure that out after it I've painted it.

Until then, have a productive time!

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