onsdag 19 februari 2014

Board and Buildings

After a couple of tries to make a gaming table, i decided to go with the Realm of Battle table.
I really regret not doing this before. I only painted 4 tiles - I know, you get 6 tiles in a set, and with the RoB expansion from Games-workshop.com I actually have 8 tiles, but when I play 40k I usually play 1500 points battles, and 4 tiles is perfect for games of that size! I decided to start with 4, and do the rest later. Here's what I did with my tiles:

I started with covering the tiles in a super-thin layer of filler. The skull-pits looks great, but doesn't fit the idea I have for my board.

I placed the buildings and planned how I wanted the board to look. The original idea was to magnetize the buildings to the board, but i dropped that idea since I want to be able to place buildings on top of the hills, etc. White Dwarf issue 400 has a lot of helpful tips on painting a Realm of Battle table, so this was my toilet magazine of choice.

I had to consult my wife regarding placement of the buildings. She insisted that the small building should be on top of the hill, while I wanted it on one of the flat tiles, making a plaza in the middle. That's why I dropped the magnet idea, and why we didn't speak for several days.

After a layer of filler, I used PVA glue to add some sand. The sand got a PVA-water-mixture-sealing layer before I attacked it with my spray cans. I used several pots of Dryad Bark as a basecoat on the whole board, including the rocks.

The sand got drybrushed in Mournfang Brown.

The rocks were drybrushed Eshin Grey, Dawnstone and finally Administratum Grey on the edges.
This is what my wife called a "finished board", but I had more in mind.
So some harsh word were exchanged and we stopped talking again.

I painted patches of Loren Forest and Zamesi Dessert on the sand, and the creaks between the rocks were washed with Agrax Earthshade. NOW I'm finished with the four tiles! Next up: adding buildings, craters and trees.
But before that, I have to buy flowers for my wife...


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