fredag 17 januari 2014

Base and Face

This is my third attempt to convert a worthy Chaos Lord of Nurgle! Mike taught me a simple thing when making your leaders: Base and Face. So I converted a Nurgle Lord base on the Fantasy Nurgle Lord, but then suddenly the pose wasn't good enough. Damn you, Mike! But he had a point. I went on and made this little piece instead. I really liked the Mark II legs on my Death Guard, so I used that along with the Death Guard Champion Torso (one use only). Combined with the Space Marine Captain Sword and Wight King cape, I think I finally made a figure worthy of the title Lord.

I have enjoyed painting Death Guard so much that I decided to keep collecting more figures. The Plague Marines are expensive in points, so I actually can't fit any more. And one thing is still bothering me: How come the Terminators don't get Feel No Pain? Or the Chosen? So instead of wondering about this I just went for the other way: Use my Plague Marines as normal Nurgle Marines. That way I can have Terminators, Raptors, Chosen and Havocs and it will still make sense!
The picture above is the Chosen Champion. I went for the pre-heresy look where the sergeants (or Centurions, as I believe they were called) had crested helmets. Don't know if this is a thing I will repeat, but I really like the result!

 Oh, and another thing I can use is the Nurgle Bikers! Because T6.

I'm waiting for an order from Forge World (more Death Guard), and also 100 super-magnets for my Realm of Battle board!

But that's it for now.
Until next time!

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