måndag 9 september 2013

Showing Slaanesh some love.

If you have been following my blog you might have noticed that every time I play Chaos: Daemons, I usually show Slaanesh less favour.

This is mainly because of two reasons:

1: I've been having very bad luck whenever I field Daemonettes.

2: I never was satisfied with the colourscheme.

I am doing something about the paint job at least. Instead of painting purple and drybrushing white (using the purple as a shade), I instead paint Pallid Wych Flesh, and then shade with Druchii Violet, thinned out with Lahmian Medium. After this, I drybrush with Pallid Wych Flesh to remove any excess purple shade.

So far I have only painted this much on Slaaneshi Daemons: Keeper of Secrets, Daemon Princes, Daemonettes, Heralds and Zarakynel, Daemon Lord of Slaanesh.
Only the flesh is painted, but so far I'm really satisfied.

As for the bad luck, I think I have the redemption.

Looking through the codex, I realized that it is just bad luck, nothing more. Maybe a grain of idiocy as well. Who would ever deep strike a unit of Daemonettes IN FRONT of a unit? Well, not me...
At least not again.

I've been favouring Bloodletters instead of Daemonettes, but looking at the stats, they have almost the same survivability rate. Same toughness and invulnerable save.
Not only that, but the Daemonettes are cheaper as well.
Equipping a large unit with a Rapturous Standard and joining in a Herald with a powerful Loci, the unit can deal a large amount of damage.

I even converted my own Herald on Seeker to boost my unit of Seekers. 

And here's a Herald I made with spare parts, wielding a whip from the Chariot sprue.

In other news, I got a full time job at Games Workshop Oslo!! Only worked a couple of days so far, but it's a really good working place!

That's enough for today, I will be showing more of my Daemons very soon.

Until next time!

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