söndag 15 september 2013

Death Guard marches to war!

I was invited to Rory's place for a small game, 1000 points each. I decided to try my Death Guard army, and Rory brought his Black Scorpions as usual.
We both had one objective each in our deployment zones.

Chaos Lord
Mark of Nurgle, Power Weapon, Plasma Pistol, Sigil of Corruption, Boon of Mutation, Veteran of the Long War.

Daemon Prince
Mark of Nurgle, Level 2 Psyker, Power Armour

5 Plaguemarines
2 Plasmaguns, Plasma pistol, Veterans of the Long War

7 Plaguemarines
2 Meltaguns, Power weapon, Boon of Mutation, Veterans of the Long War
in a
Chaos Rhino
Dirge caster

Reaper Autocannon and Missile Launcher    

10 Cultists
Mark of Nurgle, Flamer, 5 Autoguns

1000 pts

10 Death Company
Power weapon

10 Tactical Marines
Missile Launcher, Plasma Gun

Lazarus (Counts as Corbulo)

5 Terminator
Assault Cannon

Contemptor Dreadnought
Blood Talons

Turn 1: The Rhino and Daemon Prince raced forward towards the terminator squad. 

Turn 2: The Chaos Lord and Plaguemarine squad disembarked from the rhino, and since they weren't allowed to charge, the ran for cover. The Black Scorpions opened fire and managed to wreck the Rhino. First Blood: Black Scorpions!

The Death Company ran into the range of the Plaguemarines Plasmaguns and the Helbrute.

The Terminators, Contemptor Dreadnought and Death Company charged the Plaguemarines. The overwatch killed one Death Company marine, denying them their assault.

The Chaos Lord and Lazarus got locked in a challenge (that would last the rest of the game)!

 The Contemptor slayed one Plaguemarine, and in return, they stabbed 4 Terminators to death with their poisoned knives!

Turn 3: The Daemon Prince advanced, screaming challenges at the Contemptor Dreadnought, but the Contemptor and Death Company did the old "bait and switch", the Contemptor moving to the right flank while the Death Company moved to engage the Daemon Prince.

The Helbrute and Plaguemarines moved out of their cover to support their Lord who was locked in combat with the medic Lazarus. Both had inflicted a wound each, failing to kill each other.

Turn 4: The Daemon Prince cursed the Death Company with Weapon Virus, making them unable to fire overwatch as the huge Daemon charged their ranks! After 2 turns of combat, the Prince slayed the Reclusiarch getiing Slay the Warlord: Death Guard. The Death Company piled in and avenged their leader.

The pictures ends here, as I got to into the game and forgot to use my camera. The Contemptor charged the Plasma carrying Death Guard squad, but the combined firepower from the squad and the Helbrute brought it down before it could reach their line.

Both exhausted, The Chaos Lord and Lazarus clashed in their challenge. The Chaos Lord got blessed by Nurgle and managed to finally bring down the combat medic.

The Tactical squad opened fire at the Plague marines, and the Death Company charged the last ones, killing them off. The sweeping advance almost took them into my deployment zone, but the combined firepower from the Cultists and Helbrute killed them and denied Rory his chance of victory!

Game result: Draw!

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