fredag 23 augusti 2013

Last of the Traitor Guards

It's time to get rid of my Traitor guards.
I had the excellent idea of making a traitor guard army. I got everything, made up a cool theme, converted EVERY single model, painted it, and then the plastic glue acted up...

I brought all the figures to Games Workshop, who confirmed that the glue was the cause of the broken figures. They were very nice and helpful and replaced every single broken figure.
I even think I got more figures...

But, considering all the time I had put down on building the army... I just don't feel like building the same army again. That, plus I've already got a small allied Catachan force for my Blood Angels, and the Chaos Marines have their Daemon allies, so the Renegade guards really don't fit in anywhere...

So I sorted my bits into tiny bags, and here's everything I've got to sell.

In this bags there are enough parts to make:
-1 Company Command squad and 2 platoons, or:
-1 Company Command squad and 5 Veteran squads, or:
-1 Company Command squad, 1 Platoon, 1 Veteran squad, 2 Heavy weapon or Specialist teams.

And by Platoon, I mean 1 Platoon Command squad and 2 Infantry squads.
in short, there are 55 figures,with a lot of upgrades, special weapons and heavy weapons.

I'll give you the full list of contents further down.
But the unique part of this army is the converted parts.

The torsos have an reinforced chest plate with mesh armour on the abdomen. This was meant to be a Traitor guard, but instead it became a low-tech guard army. The chest plate is large enough for you to paint your allegiance on, be it Imperial or Chaos. The helmets are also converted. They are trimmed down to look more primitive, plus roughly 50% of the helmets have face plates.

The torsos have an additional chest plate and mesh armour covering the abdomen.

This guardsman was painted to resemble the Games Workshop Cadians.

As you can see, the torso doesn't stick too much, but still enough to look special!

The content of the bags are:

Command Squad:
3 of each: Heavy flamers, vox casters, medipacks.

Squad Commanders:
4 of each: Plasma pistols, power swords, power fists, bolt pistols, vox casters.
7 Las pistols and 7 chainswords.

Special weapons:
3 of each: Melta guns, plasma guns, grenade launchers, flamers and sniper rifles.

Heavy Weapons:
6 of each: Autocannons, lascannons, heavy bolters, missile launchers and mortars.

38 assorted lasguns, 55 assorted legs, 60 converted torsos, 30 closed helmets, 30 open helmets.
Several decoration parts as sand bags, back packs, binoculars, shovels etc.

I would prefer to sell them in norway, since it'll make shipping easier.

If you are interested, contact me on Mark the mail "Renegade guard".


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