torsdag 8 augusti 2013

This is how I Nurgle!

As an aswer to the post "How to Nurgle?", here's the follow-up: This is how I Nurgle!

The Death Guard are almost done, except for a couple of details. The Rhino got the same paintjob as the marines. The Sorcerer and Lord is almost done as well. Now I just have to finish the Prince, Typhus, and his "deathshroud" terminators.

Oh, and my plaguebearers, Great unclean one and plague drones also need a paintjob.

After the release of the Apocalypse, I am considering boosting my World Eaters detachment with Khorne raptors, Skull Lord and a couple of Blood Slaughterers from Forge World.

Until next time!

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