tisdag 2 juli 2013

A Bargain!!

Sometimes you are really lucky! I have been considering starting a Tau army ever since their latest codex was released, but since I still have a lot of Chaos and Blood Angels (plus an allied detachment for the Blood Angels) left to paint, I figured I should wait.

Then a friend posted that he wanted to get rid of his Tau army that he will never get around to complete. I mentioned I was interested, so he sold me his army for a very low cost.

The case included:

*34 Fire warriors
*7 Pathfinders
*6 Crisis suits
*6 Stealth suits
*10 Kroot carnivores
*10 Gun drones
*2 Markerlight drones
*4 Shield drones
*1 Piranha
*2 Devilfishes (although 1 was missing some parts, I managed to find most of them on a bits site...)

Not only that, I also got a carrying case and a box filled with bits.

The box included:

*Another 17 Fire warriors
*12 Kroots
*1 more Crisis suit

As soon as we had agreed to a price and place to meet, I ran down to the local Games Workshop store and got myself the codex. This is the first time I have to build an army the "wrong" way. Usually, I buy the codex, plan, make a list, check it twice, decide if I'm gonna be naughty or nice, THEN buy the models. But considering that I didn't even pay the cost of a Battle Force... That's something I can live with.

I'm probably not gonna tinker with the Tau just yet, since I'm kind of hooked on Chaos right now. But soon enough. When the time comes, I'll add a Riptide, Broadside and Hammerhead.

Until next time!

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