torsdag 27 juni 2013

How to Nurgle?

I've always been a fan of Nurgle. Not enough to field a mono-army, but I just kept collecting various Nurgle units, and now I might have enough to field a Death Guard/Daemons army. A small problem though...

 I usually paint my daemons in a sickly green colour. Looks pretty good in my opinion.

Here's a Death Guard chaos marine. Now he's painted in the same sickly green colour. This also looks great, specially with the rusted metal and oxidized bronze.

Problem: What do I do when I have to paint a Daemon in armour, or worse, a Death Guard daemon prince in power armour? Do I paint it all green? I tried another scheme (as seen above) but wasn't too satisfied with the result...

Solution: Paint the Death Guard in their Pre-heresy colours! Now THIS looks awesome! The figure above is a Forge World Champion from the Death Guard kit. I decided to not use this particular torso for my champions, as it will look wierd with several champions with identical faces and torsos. So this will be my Chaos Lord. His back banner is from the Death Guard Sorcerer from Forge World.

I followed the Forge World guide on how to paint pre-heresy Death Guard with a couple of modification. Instead of spraying white and go straight to washing the armour, I instead sprayed the figure black, painted a layer Rakarth Flesh, drybrushed with Ceramite White, and then went to washing the armour. A thin highlight White Scar will be applied before I paint the details. 

Rusted metal and oxidized bronze, of course.

Until next time!

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