tisdag 11 juni 2013

Psychic Warfare!

I know I promised you some Black Legion progress, and in a way, that's what I'm giving you.
Mons just started his vacation and got the new Eldar Codex, along with the entire new range of figures. He was up for a match and wanted a larger point limit.
Around 4000 points should do it.

So we met up at my place and set up the terrain, deployed our forces and rolled for an INSANE amount of psychic powers! Like that wasn't enough, I also had several Rewards for my Daemons. 

 The Eldars deployed behind a home-made Aegis defence line with a beautiful converted icarus cannon.

 I tried to do the same, deploy everything with a clear line of sight and in good cover. At 4k there wasn't much room left so I had to leave a lot in reserve.

 First turn, and 3 warlocks dies from perils of the warp! I was in luck!

 The Bloodletters advance with covering fire from the skull cannon. The cannon managed to kill a lot of storm guardians and dire avengers. On the right, the spawn runs into cover, only to be charged by the storm guardians.

 One lucky hit from a wraithguards weapon manages to inflict an instant death on  my flying bloodthirster. A serious blow to my morale!

 The bloodcrushers charges with furious anger. The Rhino with dirge caster denied the wraithguard their overwatch, helping a few crushers to survive the trip.

 The combined fire from the dire avengers and jetbikes cut down all bloodletters and leave the herald to his fate. The spawn, having cut down almost all guardians are charged by the wraithlord.

 A wave serpent carrying 5 wraithguards with low AP template weapons deploys in front of my battle lines. they cut down the entire chaos marine squad and a couple of plaguebearers. The pink horrors blessed the plaguebearers, and together with the plaguemarines they chopped down every single wraithguard! Again, a rhino with dirge caster ensued their survival while charging.

 The portalglyph is deployed and starts spewing out daemons. The spawn, having killed the last of the guardians starts clawing at the wraithlord, and manages to bring it down, but a great cost to their own unit... only one spawn is left. The screamers bite their way through the hull of the wave serpent.

This was some of the highlights of my latest game. The Wraithknight is an awesome figure (and huge!), but i felt it didn't contribute anything major. We'll see on wednesday, when another game with Mons is planned. This time at a 2k limit though...

And I got myself some styrofoam, and using a technique I saw on Warseer, I have started to add texture to the plates, without gluing stuff on. It's still in the very early stages, but given some more texture (And I'll probably add some stuff too) and a decent paintjob, it will be a great board for my city table.

So next post will (probably) be another battle against Eldars!

Until then,

P.S. Totally forgot to mention the outcome of the game - Which ended with an Eldar Victory. 15-9 victory points, but I managed to dish out some serious hurt...

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