tisdag 4 juni 2013

How!? Just how!?

First off, a small greeting to my dear friend Jan-Öivind, who somehow manages to take the oldest Codex in the game, and make a killer list.

How? Just how does he do it? Being a powergamer has its perks. Quite a fun game though, as I didn't suffer the rape and humiliation as I do when we play Grey Knights VS Chaos (any form).

 Diagonal set up with one objective each, I decided to field my Blood Angels instead of my current favorite: Daemons with Chaos Marines allies. I never expected him to field so many vehicles, so my missile launchers and flamers where quite a waste of points... The whirlwind, although it's quite cheap didn't do much either. Hats off for my Chaplain and Death Company who owned the assault phase the entire game, until they finally were stopped by a Dreadnought. The Chaplain held his ground for quite some time and even managed to damage it a lot.

Since we played double FOC I went a little crazy on the Elite choises. Tycho, a Librarian and Sanguinary Priest joined a 10 man unit of Sternguards. They managed to dish out some serious hurt before they perished, figure by figure.

After the game I was in the "red" mood, so I immediately converted a devastator sergeant for my heavy bolter squad. Manged to put the Forge World vox-head into good use.

I really liked the librarian in the game, casting blessing to the left and right. Although I love the librarian, I don't really like the current figure I play. It's cast in resin and I can't seem to get the Force Axe right. It's bent, and although I know how to bend it, I don't seem to be able to bend it the right way. So I gave up the fight and converted my own. The parts for this figure have been in a separate bag for a long time, just awaiting my attention. The result was good, and now I'm thinking about making one with jump pack, bike or terminator armour.

Next post will be about the Black Legion, and after that I have a battle report in mind!

Until then!

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