onsdag 5 maj 2010

Kill Team

A few weeks ago I mentioned that I had tried playing Kill Team. This is a special mission from the booklet Battle Missions. I really loved playing Kill Team in 4th ed, and was really happy to be able to play it again. Now I just had to assemble my lads!

When I testplayed Kill Team I only had Chaos Daemons in my arsenal. My Blood Angels weren’t
assembled yet. I managed to include 3 Flamers of Tzeentch and 6 Daemonettes in my 200pts budget. This proved to be a great team! The massing Daemonettes with their fleet ability along with the Flamers jump infantry rule and Breath of Chaos gifts turned out to be a good combination. I played two games, the first against Space Wolves and the second one agains a Necron Kill Team, and I managed to score a victory agains both of them. When I was done I went home and went through my codexes in search for the perfect Kill Team. I was in the mood for a Space Marine Sternguard unit and converting them into a Deathwatch Kill Team. Seems perfect, don’t you think? That was tempting, but I went for a Catachan Veteran Squad with Sergeant Harker in charge. I bought a Command Squad and started converting my models. I went for a good combination of long range weapons, multi-shot heavy weapons, anti-personel assault weapons and anti-tank weapons.

I also ordered Sergeant Harker, since he is a Mail Order Only figure. When I got the figure I asked the GW staff if his neck comes in a separate blister. They just laughed at me, how rude! The sentinel was very tricky to assembly, but I figured it out. I assembled the entire thing except the pilot and right armor plate since I want to paint the interior and pilot. Will upload pictures of them when they are properly based.

These fellows will be The famous Catachan Devils, with a lot of tatoos and camo. More on this as it developes.

Untill then, Cheeeeeers!!

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