söndag 15 november 2009

Focus: Uraka the Warfiend

Today, I'm focusing on one figure I painted recently, but didn't post enough pictures of.
This figure is from Forge World, the Khorne Daemon Prince Uraka the Warfiend.

The base is a solid resin base from a company in poland, wich name I don't remember since I order the bases from a Swedish Company called Game Maniacs who keeps them in stock. I wasn't totally satisfied with the base since it's all skulls, so I covered some spots with fine sand.

I used the same methods for painting the Warfiend as I used when I painted the Bloodletters. I have gotten a lot of compliments for the color scheme from people at Games Workshop Oslo, and I'm also very satisfied with it. Since I used to play Blood Angels a couple of years ago, I got tired of painting Blood Red.

Oh, and from now on I will update the blog twice a week! So, Wednesdays and Sundays I will post some new pictures, tips or tactics! And about The FW Bloodthirster, I decided to swap the whip for a custom made sword. So, yeah!

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  1. a photo tip, get closer with the camera instead of extreme zooming gives more deept in the picture...

    still nice pictures... like the colurs...