lördag 18 maj 2013

About time!!!

Wow! No update in more than 2 months!! Well, it's about time I do something about that. A lot has happened since the last post, both in my hobby and in my private life.

I turned 28 (no hurt feelings) and invited some friends to play a game. We played 2 Daemon armies vs Imperial guard and Dark Eldars. Thanks for making my birthday an enjoyable event!

 I've played a lot of games, most of them against Jan-Öivind, and most of the games were Chaos VS Grey Knights. My hate for the Sons of Titan is no secret, and one of them was so unfair that I lost the will to play 40k for a while... I learned what their strengths are and kept playing to be able to beat them one day. On the picture above I fielded my Blood Angels; and they died just as easily.

One cinematic moment was when the Grey Knights charged a squad of Chaos Marines behind an Aegis defence line, and my squad managed to hold their ground and even eventually kill the entire squad except for the Brotherhood Champion. My Bloodletters charged in, and while blessed by a Herald of Tzeentch, my Herald of Khorne intervened in a challenge. I knew there was a big chance that he would die while killing the champion. He did of course, but I killed him!!!

Not knowing what to do with the Herald you get with the Skull cannon, I remembered I had a Juggernaught  in my bit box. A bit of jewelry chain, and I got my mounted Herald. The Herald is so big though, that it looks like he should be the mount.

 After getting cultists from another Dark Vengeance set, I had to get a small box of 5 Cultists to replace the champions. And realizing I don't want a shotgun on my champion, but not willing to destroy it, I made this figure from the spare parts. The head is from the Flagellant kit.

Rik and I also tried a game of Inquisitor. Was fun, but takes a long time. It didn't help that we spent most of the time chatting about work, hobby ideas etc instead of focusing on the game...

I have also been working on my Black Legion, but that is pictures for another post.

And this time, not 2 months away...

P.S. I also got married. Thanks for all the congratulations and well-wishes!


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