onsdag 13 mars 2013

Pimp Horrors - Daemonic Victory!

After all the reading, gaming, and experience of the Pink Horrors, I decided to repaint this bad-ass unit. The current stage is the gold details, which there are a lot of! And I thought bling-bling more suited daemonettes, but now I can really tell who's the hooker and who's the pimp...

Since the first game of playing the new Daemons codex, I was hooked. I made huge mistakes the first two times I played but learned a lot about my codex.

I had planned a game against Öivind last Saturday, but he didn't feel well, so I headed down to the local GW store and found a random opponent. Had hoped to play againts Space Marines (since its one of the most played armies), but ended up playing against another daemon player, which was good too since it gave me the chance to observe how other players use the codex.

I got whipped by a flying Nurgle Prince with psychic mastery level 3.

Last Sunday I met up with a couple of friends for yet another game. I actually won the game, but it's not a victory I take pride in since it was my opponents second game ever. I was a nice opponent though and gave him pointer and tips, as well as teaching him the rules. But there's a limit to what you can do...

And then we have the game I played yesterday against Rory.

After the last game against Rory, I learned to not spread out my units. I deployed a flying daemon prince and the burning chariot on the right flank, since they can move fast to where they're needed.

Rory deployed all of his units in cover, and on high vantage points.

First turn, the flying daemon prince advanced towards the lone marine squad on the right flank along with the burning chariot and the bloodletters. Later, the daemon prince managed to swoop over the marines, and along with the burning chariot, slaying the unit, forcing the rest to flee the battlefield. The nice surprise was when my roll on the warp table managed to kill 5 sternguards!

 The Pimp horrors fired at the scouts killing three, the Plaguebearers deployed the Portalglyph, which scattered far away but still within decent range. The Soul grinder shot the contemptor on the roof, stunning it and probably saving my bloodthirster.

The Bloodthirster wiped the entire death company, and was finally killed by the combined efforts from the second contemptor and the librarian.

After killing the Bloodthirster, the second contemptor ate his way through my Pimp horrors, Plaguebearers, and the burning chariot before being killed by the screamers in reserve and soul grinder.

By now, the Bloodletters had reached the librarian, and I was excited to see the Herald perform in a challenge. The charge never happened, because the librarian was possessed by a Herald of Tzeentch, giving me another kill point! Gotta love that warp storm table!

By turn two, I had about 6 Kill points and Rory had 0. I was in the process of killing his death company, my soul grinder was dealing a lot of damage, the warp table was disturbing Rory, and my prince had made a successful hit and run attack on a Space Marine squad. Rory was tempted to give up, but we kept playing. And good thing we did! By the end of the game, Rory had 9 Kill points, I had 8 and I had a lot of easy targets. On the last game turn (turn 6) I realized that I had one last chance to win the game, and that was to table him. And so I did. His last unit of Heavy bolter devastators suffered the wrath of two Portal-spawned Pimp horror units and the Soul Grinder.

Victory Daemons!!

And here's a little preview of what I'm working on for my Chaos Marine army. It's not finished yet since not all parts have arrived, so the figure is only blue-tacked.

That's it for today's post! Until next time.


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