tisdag 24 maj 2016


Was asked by a friend to make a tutorial on how I do my bases.
Also a great way to keep it stored in case I forget...

1: Add rocks, debris and stuff to your desire...

2: Cover the base with texture paint. Colour don't really matter.

3: While the Texture paint is still wet, apply Agrellan Earth in patches. Martian Ironearth works as well.

4: Give it a lot of time to dry, it'll crack up nicely.

5: Add more texture by applying Typhus corrosion. This stage is optional.

6: Spray Chaos Black.

7: Basecoat Dryad Bark.

8: Drybrush Gorthor Brown.
9: Drybrush Zandri Dust (or Steel Legion Drab) in patches.

10: Overbrush the rocks with Skavenblight Dinge.

11: Drybrush the rocks with Dawnstone.

12: And finally, drybrush the rocks with Administratum grey.

There we go! A lot of steps, but it's worth putting some extra work into the bases as they can make a big difference on the figure looking finished. Didn't have time to make the metal part on the base, but it would have been painted Leadbelcher, Agrax Earthshade with Nuln Oil in patches, with a Necron compound/Runefang steel drybrush.

Although I want to keep this blog stricktly 40k, I am doing a lot of work on Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower at the moment! Will try to keep myself active here as well!


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