lördag 2 mars 2013

Out now! Codex: Daemons!

Having dreams about it, being unable to sleep, setting the alarm to be first in store, I finally got my hands on Codex: Daemons!

I invited Öivind from the Company of Shadows blog for a game of 2000 points, but during the week we actually changed it to 3000 points instead. Öivind likes big games, so it worked for both of us. I got to field my 1500 points of Black Legion, and quickly made a 1500 points army of Daemons.

The new codex has a things for heralds, so I took 4 of them! One from each God. Joining them would be one squad of each, and used the rest of the points for Daemonic Rewards, Loci, and some of the new units.

Grabbing Daemonic Rewards for every figure able to take one was a huge waste of points. The rewards are good, but not one every single squad leader and Herald! I also didn't take a single monstrous creature, which was a big mistake, and to top it off, I had to face Grey Knights!

More precisely, Grey Knights and Imperial Guard. A lot of tanks, Dreadknights and terminators. The few guardsmen he deployed were of course in chimeras. I had most of my Chaos Marines on the right flank, with my daemons on the left, with the Plague bearers and the retarded motorcycle Skull cannon of Khorne supporting the Chaos Marines.

I gave up around turn four, when things looked like the picture above. I had a small chance to hold my objective, but it didn't look good. The daemonettes where killed by the dreadknight, and terminators dropped from the stormraven.

But we weren't done! I wanted a rematch, and set to build a new armylist. This time we played 1500 points, and I wanted to try a mono-Tzeentch list. This time I focused on using the units to their fullest, instead of trying to win the game. 

Flying Monstrous creatures are still good, although their saves are terrible! Psychic powers are good, and heralds can give nice boosts to their units. The Portaglyph was a fun addition, and the Burning Chariot worked wonders against the grey knights.

I've learned a little more about the daemons, what to do and what not to do. Next time I will mix up my army a little more, not take one of everything (just because I feel sorry for the other Gods), and for God(s) sake, don't ignore the monstrous creatures!!

That's all from my point of view. What did you think of the game, Öivind?

Öivind: For the Emperor!! A proper hail after a day spent killing Daemons in His Name! I brought my Inquisitorial Taskforce, hoping to gain some more experience with them, and wet their hands in Chaos blood/ichor/goo. And they did good! That's my opinion though, I'm sure Mattias don't share my point of view, as it was his army that faced their wrath. First game was over pretty quickly. I had my fair share of luck, saving Terminator after Terminator, killing off a Chaos Lord and half a squad of Chaos Marines with an Eversor Assassin, and using the Vindicare to hunt Icon-bearers and Tanks/Daemon Engines. And a duo of Dreadknights did their part too.
Jump Monsterous Creatures? Yes please!

Second game was less serious, and a great way for us both to see how our units worked in a more spesific area. And yet again, I was far too lucky for my own good. If I remember correctly, I passed over half of the "Deny the Witch" rolls I was required to take, and with the new Daemons, it's really a barrage of psychic powers aimed at you.

So today, I've learned a couple of things, about Daemons and Grey Knights both. Daemons are now cheaper, but more versatile. More options and more things to explore than the previous edition Daemons. And Grey Knights? Army of Choice for killing them off. I had a lot of fun, that I must admit. Always a great challenge to face a new Codex, and if I'm correct, I know
I won't have as easy a time when I face his Daemons again!


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