fredag 23 september 2016


After suffering a severe dehydration from drooling all over Traitor's Hate, I've returned to the painting table. I've been a good lad and "started" working on the rest of my Death Guard (or finally decided to finish my work, more likely...)

3rd and final Helbrute along a squad of possessed.

Dark Apostle of Nurgle!
Going through all the formations, I've settled for a couple of them: The Chaos Warband is really tempting, although that means I won't be able to field my Plague Marines in the same formation. The Lost and the Damned formation is really cool, and I can still add Typhus and up to 4 units of Plague Marines in the same detachment - the only thing I was missing was a Dark Apostle, which, after a lot of brainstorming, soulsearching and discussing with my friends, I managed to convert myself!
Doesn't have a name yet, I just know I REALLY look forward to painting him!

Until next time!

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