onsdag 27 februari 2013

The Black Legion - Phase 3: Assembly

I've reached phase 3 in my project: the assembly of my bits and ideas.

First photo is of figures from the defensive company. Everyone got mark 2 or 3 helmets, because it makes them look sturdier. The second figure also has a boarding shield - which I've mentioned before - will represent the mark of nurgle. The third figure carries a converted autocannon made from a Space Marine heavy bolter and an Imperial Guard autocannon. The last figure is a Sergeant, or Champion. I used a spare mark 3 armour. It really goes well with the shoulder pads and arms.

Second photo is of figures from the assault company. This company wears as many mark 4 and mark 6 armours as I could get my hand on. The third figure is a Sergeant or Champion. He has a wolf cape and a Space Marine banner. I like banners, as they make it easier to spot the leader of a squad (which will come in handy since you can have 20 man in a squad). And to continue with the theme of banners, the fourth figure, the icon bearer will carry a Space Marine banner.

Bear with me, I'm tired, but I'm well aware of that I'm repeating myself.

I just can't remember what I've told you before...

 Anyway, on to the third and last photo. These are my Captains, or Lords. The mutated arm is the only mutation my figures got so far. The Space Marine Captain arm made it look too much as a loyalist. Haven't got the head yet, but I'll expect it to arrive sometime next week. The captain on the right is finished, I just decided to glue his arm on after I've painted the figure. That goes for all the figures holding a weapon across their chest.

This weekend sees the release of the new Codex: Daemons. I've booked a game with a friend, and first my plan was to field my Black Legion, but now I'll field Daemons with Black Legion allies.
It's gonna be the first time I play an army on the same day its released.

Will be fun to see the outcome.

Until next time!

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