torsdag 21 februari 2013

The Black Legion - Phase 2: List & Bits

I've now reached phase 2 in my project, which I like to call List and Bits.

First, I decided to make a list of what I wanted to include in the army.
In the Horus Heresy books, I get the feeling of captains running around everywhere, and I wanted to incorporate this in my army. With only 2 HQ choises in one army, this was kind of hard to represent, but I made it work.

The army will mainly consist of legionnaires from 2 different companies; one that is assault based, led by a Captain/Lord with power weapon, and the second "company" is ranged, including Havocs and marines with long ranged weapons.

One problem I'm facing now is how to mark the different units, since I don't know what kind of markings the Sons of Horus used, but so far I stick to specific armour designs for each company; Mark 2 & 3 for the defensive company, and mark 4 & 6 for the assault oriented company.

My intentions is to make the markings from each squad from the same company as similar as possible so I can merge the squads for bigger games, but still be able to tell them apart in smaller games. It's gonna be a tough one.

But enough with the list, on with the bits!

Raptor helmets are perfect for representing corrupted mark 4 helmets, without standing out too much. The bolters got bayonets, loyalist mark 6 legs got studs on the left leg, and the mark 6 torso got an Eye of Horus in its chest. I managed to find a lot of studded shoulder pads on bits sites, along with 10 mark 3 helmets!

My bitbox is filled with chaos and space marine bits, so I managed to find a lot of parts for my project.

And the bad glue batch is up to no good again, but this time it worked out in my favor. I managed to remove all the terminator heads, arms and spike racks, to give them the justaerin look. The Black legionnaires I didn't sell off was also picked apart to receive minor modifications.

 That's all for today. Next phase will see the figures taking form!

Until next time!

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