söndag 13 januari 2013

Random rabblings.

First off: A verrry late Happy New Year!!

After a short x-mas vacation I decided to post my work on my blog, but I have so much on my desk that I just continued painting instead. Finally, I managed to pull my thumb out from my Eye of Terror to bring you the results:

I've been trying out the Forge World weathering powders, and the results was to my satisfaction. I enjoyed working with the powders, and the result, that I just continued painting Blood Angels tanks.
I also built one of my drop pods. painting the parts separately was easier than painting the finished model, but putting it together when painted was difficult. Be warned!

I'm also preparing for the Apocalypse in 2 weeks! Sorting out rations and support to survive the weekend. I made a list in November/December sometime, and started painting what was unpainted. Then a couple of days ago I decided to re-write my list. Shit happens, but I got stuff painted.

 The Soul Grinder got icons of Khorne here and there, and I replaced its front legs with the big claws from the defiler set. The Warp Talon in front will act as a Chaos Lord leading the raptors.

Using some spare parts from my Forgefiend, I aim to rebuild my second Soul Grinder to resemble a Maulerfiend. My fiancé pointed out the the right hand looks like its supposed to hold something, so it stands between a weapon or a victim...

The bad plastic glue issue is still haunting me. I had complained about some Blood Angels being affected and I'm getting them replaced as well. I'm also finding several Chaos Marines affected, but I'm done complaining, and just try to repair them. It's a lot of work.

And right now I'm in a mood for painting Blood Angels, but I have vowed to finish the Chaos Marines (at least the ones for the Apocalypse) before I pick up the Blood Angels again. I've barely touched the Traitor Guard...

On another note, rumours tell of Daemons getting a new Codex and Armybook in february, meaning my Greater Daemons probably will get replaced by plastic ones (one can hope), and I will have to add whatever new stuff that's being released.

And that's it for this time. I'm occupied with training and work next week, but I hope I will be able to squeeze in a post someday.

Until next time!

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