måndag 28 januari 2013

Post Apocalyptic

After months of planning, the day of the Apocalypse finally arrived. A group of 6 people, one whole weekend, 18.000 points per side.

The game lasted for about 13 hours, and we decided to end the game on Saturday night, even though we had planned for a 2 days game. The game simply was too big. Every side took about 1-1.5 hours to complete their turns, and we had a lot of breaks between the turns. You also get a sort of depressed feeling in the opponents turn when the only thing you can do is watching your stuff get destroyed.

Never managed to figure out the loyalists plan for the game, but they sure managed to wreck havoc on our lines. Thumbs up to our opponents for:
*Casting Null Zone and render the Daemons in their deployment zone useless,
*Sneaking striking scorpions into our deployment zone and destroying things in the first turn, including my beloved forgefiend.
*Destroying a Baneblade, rolling 18" explosion and taking out more of their own things than ours.

Rik, Magnus and me had a meeting several in the beginning of December where we discussed our plan for the game. Our fortress in our deployment zone (which we got for free, see more on that later) was to protect our objective and artillery. On the right flank, Magnus was supposed to move forward to grab the objective in no-mans land, and me, using The Changeling to infiltrate to get an icon behind enemy lines, was supposed to get Uraka to kill a character that would count as an objective.

Using the power of the icon, Uraka, Flamers, Bloodletters and a Lord of Change deep strike into the fray.

Uraka charged the first target he could find; The Avatar of Khaela Mensha Kaine. Uraka had taken a lot of damage from several units, and due to the Null-zone he had to re-roll successful invulnerable saves. Needless to say, the duel was lost, and Uraka couldn't claim his objective.

 Next part of our strategy was to assault our objective on the left flank. It seemed as we were grabbing it to hold it, but as Mamon assaulted the objective with his plaguebearers, we instead played the formation stratagem and despoiled the objective, removing it from play. The enemy had already committed reserves to prevent us from grabbing it, which resulted in less firepower on the other sides.

Another filthy tactic deployed by me was the Dimensional Key on my Chaos Lord. I rushed him into combat and killed one figure, unlocking the Key's power. 2 Units of Terminators, 1 Lord with a unit of Raptors and one unit of Obliterators landed exactly where I wanted them to, and was able to contest the other objectives.

Holding our objective in the fortress and contesting, denying or destroying all the others, we managed to claim a victory.


We were all tired and drained at the end of the day. We played for far to long and the game was way too big. Rory complained that there was too much terrain, where I think there wasn't enough. We got the fortress for free and only had to pay for the guns, which gave us a huge wall to prevent the loyalist to reach our objective, unless they deployed drop pods. They used one, and that was promptly destroyed. Next time: Pay for the fortress.

Superheavies: With the 6th edition of 40k and an old version of Apocalypse, the confusion between Hull points and Structure points is big. Less Superheavies next time.

Terrain: More terrain to prevent tanks. I love infantry and that's no secret. Don't want to ban tanks, but the more terrain, the less tank mobility. Next time: More terrain.

Actually, Apocalypse is just to difficult to play with 6th edition. Next time: regular 40k with double FOC.

Time: Took to long. Next time: 3000 points, not 6000 per player.

So, in conclusion; Next time I will try to host an event. I'll invite to a game where the rules already are set. It will be a huge (standard) 40k game, set in a city fight, with 3000 points per player with double FOC. This first game was great, but it was ment to be a test game to see what can be done better.

Everybody are now in the mood for more smaller games to keep playing. I think I'll have a game against Rik this weekend.


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