onsdag 11 augusti 2010


Still no pictures. Just got a new job, and it takes a while getting accustomed to.
New on the Blood Angels front: I haven't painted a single miniature this week!
But I got myself a new tactical squad, and I got to play 1000p on saturday. Utterly crushed a kid's Chaos Force (no, I don't feel bad!) and learned some things.

Devastators are very underestimated. They performed very well, and I just wished my blast markers were more powerful, and that's why I will invest in a new devastator squad with plasma cannons and lascannons. Maybe even 2 PC's will be enough, and I'll just deploy a 7 man squad.

A nice friend had a couple of apothecary bits that he didn't need, so he kindly donated them and I got myself 2 sanguinary priests. One with jumppack, one without, and both with power weapons!

Back in the days when I played 3rd ed, my army consisted mostly of tactical squads in rhinos, with a meltagun and power fist. Now when I equipped my squad I actually wanted to try a placma cannon there too. I noticed that missile launchers, multi-meltas and heavy bolters are free(!) in a 10 man squad. This was too good to miss, so I went for a heavy bolter instead. I also wanted to try something different from meltaguns, so I went for a plasmagun instead. The sergeant got a power weapon, and as a anti-tank weapon he got equipped with meltabombs.

I am also waiting on Captain Tycho to dip down my mailbox, and when he does I will probably get him an honour guard with power weapons in a razorback with twin assault cannons. I'm wondering if I should make this honour guard shooty instead of stabby....

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  1. looks like a real nice army list is comming. :)

    Oh, and dont forget that you promised daemons in the beginning of 2010. Just if you have time I would like a bit of daemons

  2. schweeet! you better come home soon so we can play a 40k game :) /Emil