onsdag 19 december 2012

Changing my mind

My decision was to make one platoon of traitor guards, use the catachans as loyal guards, and use the rest to make carapace veterans for my Blood Angels. Well, I've changed my mind. I won't be able to start making the carapace veterans for a while (too much stuff going on), and I don't want to let all the figures go to waste, so I decided to restore the might and glory of my Sons of Keraz. This time, they will probably get a new name, new colour scheme, and more important, new armour.

I started using the technique I used for my veterans in carapace armour, but decided it wasn't enough, so I looked up tutorials on how to sculpt chainmail. The result was satidfying!

The heads got the same treatment as the veterans; face trimmed away, and covered with plates.

So the result was great! Looks like a normal guardsman with other pattern of armour. All details have been removed from the helmet, the chest has a new armour plate. It looks less protective, but has chainmail on the abdomen to compensate. The shoulders got the same treatment; trimmed away the armour, replaced it with a thin plate and chainmail (doesn't show well on the picture).

The infantry will be boosted by heavy weapon teams and tanks. I'm thinking 2-3 Basilisks and 2-3 Leman Russ or Demolishers should do the trick.

But now I should really stop playing with the guardsmen and continue with my Chaos Marines.

Happy Holidays!

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