onsdag 6 februari 2013

Relaxing productivity

After the deadline work I had for the Apocalypse game, I feel I should take a break from Chaos and focus on my Blood Angels. 

I feel done with Chaos. Actually, I'm so done with them that I'm actually selling 25 marines and 2 Rhinos. More on that later, but first, here's my work in progress.

First up is (almost) the entire armoured support of my Blood Angels. Finished painting the details and used a healthy amount of Forge World weathering powder. Missing in the picture is 2 Storm Ravens and 3 Drop pods. I'm also waiting for 2 Whirlwind turrets from a bits site, and Death Company rhino doors from Forge World. The Razorback will double as Razorback/Whirlwind, and a Black Rhino will be added to the force. Never really enjoyed painting tanks, but the weathering powder is really enjoyable using.

...I realize that it sounds like I'm snorting the stuff (which I do NOT!!).

And here's my unit of mark VI 'Corvus' armoured Vanguards. The entire unit is also fitted with single-thrust jump packs. Took me a while to get them painted (although the red was finished, highlighted and shaded), I guess it's because the unit is really expensive, and in most cases not worth taking. Will have to try it out though.

Hard to get the picture right due to poor lightning conditions, but here's a close-up of one of the veterans. Wielding a power sword.

 And the bad glue keeps following me like a curse. Although I have stopped using GW glue, I still find old figures assembled with the bad glue. Luckily, these figures were unpainted, so I only had to remove the glue (using sharp tools) and re-assembly it using Army Painters glue. I decided to just switch the Scout Sergeants torso with a fresh one while I was at it...

And yes, I'm selling my Black Legion. Or most of it anyway. Not that I don't enjoy playing Chaos Space Marines, but I realize that I didn't have a plan or a theme when I made the army. 

I have no idea how to separate the squads, or how to show they carry a specific mark. I considered Iron Warriors for a while, thinking that a 'normal' squad could be unmarked, Forge World Boarding Shields could represent mark of Nurgle, and close combat weapons and an Apothecary could represent mark of Slaanesh. But I have painted most of my stuff in Black Legion colours, so I decided to stick with them. What I want is to keep the look of the Sons of Horus, but paint them as Black Legion. I already have some ideas and have begun going through my bit boxes. 

So next post will hopefully show some of new Black Legionnaires.

Until next time!!


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