onsdag 17 oktober 2012

New Codex tryout.

With Mons as my opponent this week, I finally got to try out the new Codex: Chaos Space Marines.

Mons is a undefeated opponent. At least that's what I think. If I ever won against him, it must have by such a small margin that it barely counted.

Even though he plays one of the oldest codices on the market, the Eldar, Mons still finds a way to completly whip me good and proper. His list contained much of the usual: 2 Dire avenger squads, a Farseer, a Wraithlord, a big unit of Striking Scorpions and 3 outflanking War Walkers. This time he also brought 2 ranger units and a Forge World flyer (Can't remember the name).

I got to choose the deployment zone, so I chose the one with the tallest buildings. I deployed my obliterators very high up, Rhinos in the front (packing Chaos Marines and Berzerkers) and infiltrated with a Nurgle dedicated Chaos squad and Plague Marines. In reserve I had a Blight Drone from Forge World. The cherry of my Chaos-cake has to be my Forgefiend with Hades autocannons and an Ectoplasma cannon.

Slowly, I moved forward with my Plague Marines, Rhinos speeding towards the Eldar line, and my Nurgle marines and Obliterators holding ground. I managed to shoot down a lot, and take minimum casualties.
Mons outflanked with his War Walkers, targetting my Forgefiend, but failing to destroy it. In return, the rhinos fired their combi-bolters (and plasma pistol passengers) on the walkers, along with 3 Assault cannons from the Obliterators. All 3 walkers were destroyed.
While a 10-man squad of fearless Chaos Marines (thanks to an Icon) were locked in combat with the Wraithlord (blasting it with krak grenades), the Berzerkers went... well, berzerk on the Farseer and his Dire avenger squad. After they delt with them, they just continued their rampage through 2 buildings, killing both units of rangers. In fact, the Berzerkers didn't do very much. The Chaos Lord killed averything in his path!

The Blight Drone was a nice addition to my army as well! Sporting a large Maw cannon spitting Phelgm on the eldars, it was really worth its low point cost! I actually went into hover mode the second turn since I wanted to stay and fire. With it being a Daemon and all, it got an invurnerable save against all hits.

In the end, Mons only had 4 Dire Avengers left. A great victory for me, not only because I finally defeated Mons, but also because this was the first time I played with the new Codex!

We played kill points and the game ended 13-4 in my favour. Next on my agenda is painting my buildings and finish the army. I'm still waiting for a Forge World delivery, and when it arrives, I'll be adding some more punch to my army.

Until next time!

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