onsdag 31 oktober 2012

Funpocalypse Now! - The Zeradath Cataclysm

I'm a member of a small group of people who are dedicated to arrange and play games of 40k. Primarily we are arrainging Apocalypse games, but we also meet up to play smaller games or even campaigns.

But recently, we have started planning a huge Apocalypse game. The game is going to be held at a members office, where we can be holed up the entire weekend.

As for now, we are 5 players and the point limit is 15.000 per side. This is how I envision how the battlefield will look like.

In the left upper corner, there will be a city ruin. This will be the Imperial deployment zone. The lower right corner sports a chaos fortress...

The ruins of the Imperial city.

 The Fortress of Chaos.

And as a little bonus, I wrote a short background story on why the fight took place.

- The Zeradath Cataclysm -

It all began year 874.M41. The Black Legion of the 42nd host had begun an all invasion on the planet Zeredath Prime, a large hive planet. After the relentless crusade throught the planets cities, the Black Legion begun constructing a Tahalamen Fortress. In reality, it was more conquering a fortress and corrupting it into a Tahalamen Fortress. The construction was well underway when the Warrick Rifles showed up. 

Only a small contigent of the Chaos forces was defending the fortress when the Warrick Rifles attacked. The battle was over in a week. A large company of Rifles was stationed to hold the Fortress. The Black Legionnaires that weren't killed fled the battlefield. The rest of the Black Legion gathered in the city ruins and for a while, it seemed like they were gathering for an attack. The attack was never launched though.

Tense and nervous, the Warrick Rifles started to grow tired and worn out in the Tahalamen Fortress, who was slowly corrupting its occupants. Paranoia and hatred spread within the ranks of the loyal guard. 
Then the relief forces arrived. A strike force of Black Scorpions, Ultramarines and Elysian drop troops made contact. The Warrick Rifles were ordered to withdraw, and be replaced by fresh troopers.

Jealous and selfish, the Castellan of the fortress refused to leave it in the hands of the Astartes. The Castellan and his company turned from the Emperor and prepared for the inevitable attack. That's when help arrived, from the most unlikely ally.

The Lord of the Black Legion host offered the Castellan to defend the fortress and defeat the Imperial relief force. He even offered the Castellan to keep the corrupted fortress, for it had already served its purpose.

Vastly outnumbered, the Imperial forces prepared to fight for their survival when the Eldar arrived.
Having forseen the construction of the Tahalamen Fortress and its destructive future, they joined the Imperial forces under no conditions. It was help unlooked for, but not unwanted.

And so it begins...

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