fredag 16 november 2012

Raising a City

With the Apocalypse game in sight, I have been focusing on the terrain for the battle. Buildings is something you can spend eternity painting, there are so many details. Some I chose to leave grey, don't want my buildings to look like circus tents...

So I've spent a lot of time painting houses, and finally I can say I'm "done". There are still many small details like weathering, but the buildings looks great!

Rome wasn't built in a day...

Finally got the bits I ordered (last week, but feels like for ever when you wait...) so I will get my Warp Talons finished soon!

I need Havocs for the Apocalypse game, so I converted these guys, carrying Reaper Autocannons.

What else is new? My friend Jan has started his own blog. Not much on it yet, but knowing his hobby enthusiasm, I will need to keep my eyes on this corner of the internet.

So until next time then!


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