onsdag 26 september 2012

Siege Battle!

After the second defeat at Kemlik, the Sons of Keraz pulled back towards their battle lines, intent on defending their positions while extracting their forces. Gorius wasn't prepared for the amount of heavy armour the Black Scorpions were bringing.

"Gather the men, line up! Line up! You hold this position! Imotehp, I need your abilities in the ruins!" Gorius paced back and forth, organizing the defence. They hadn't had enough time to gather the Legion that was spread out across the city, their defence line was incomplete.

"Exalted Champion, may I suggest we pull back into the bunker? We can easily hold the lines in the catacombs." Imotehp said over the vox.

"You hold in the ruins, or I will kill you myself!" Gorius barked. There wouldn't be any need for that. Imotehp had forseen these events. He had a clear vision of himself in the ruins. He would not live to see the next day.

The Sons of Keraz set up a defensive line in front of the bunker, with Black Legion havocs lending their suppressive firepower. Gorius himself embarked his personal rhino along with his squad of Legionnaires.

 The Black Scorpions engage! Sending a whole line breaker squadron to bring down the forces of Chaos.
The Sons of Keraz managed to destroy one single tank, and suffered heavy casualties.

Imotehp and his rubic marines advanced slowly along the ruins with a demolition squad close behind. The Chimera was destroyed early in the assault and the demolition squad had to walk behind the Thousand Sons.
The Thousand Sons suffered a lot of casualties from tactical squads and land speeders alike. In the end, the sinister Imoteph fell to a missile from a skimmer. His body was never recovered though...

 Adrastus and his bodyguard of terminators arrive right on time, but the Gods are not in their favour as they land on the wrong side of the battlefield!

After the Rhino was destroyed, Gorius led his squad in an assault on the Black Scorpions who were dropping from the skies behind enemy lines. As his squad hacked the Astartes to pieces, Gorius engaged in an epic duel with their leader. without any difficulties, Gorius bested the sergeant. Before he passed out from his injuries though, he lunged his sword into Gorius' breastplate, piercing his primary heart.

The Iconbearer, as the lone survivor of the squad, dragged Gorius towards the bunker. Adrastus met up with the pair and ordered all men to retreat into the dungeons.

ANOTHER defeat!? This went really bad! Early on in the game, the outcome was pretty obvious. My command squad -sporting a master of ordenance- was destroyed, my missile launchers missed nearly everything (even though I called them rocket launchers during the entire game!), my demolitions never got within range, the sniper team was also without range the entire game, my demolisher was destroyed early on, and I had nearly no anti-tank to deal with the three Vindicators coming my way! 

Did I mention that my terminators scattered to hell and back?

On the bright side, The new Codex Chaos Space Marines is released soon, and then Rory will have to answere for his actions!

That is 2 more victory points for Rory since he grabbed the two bunkers near his deployment zone. I still held my main bunker and earned 2 victory points myself!

The score is now 5-3 to Rory. When I rolled on the recovery table that Rory made up, I rolled 11- Excellent Recovery - Full recovery, He gains new insights into battle - +1 WS.
Might come in handy since the next time will probably be in the dungeons...

Until next time!

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