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Return to Kemlik

After the Battle of Kemlik square, the forces of Chaos was scattered and it seemed, defeated.
Never the less, the Warp portal was opened and spewed out daemonic legions. The Black Scorpions, with the assistance of a Grey Knight strike force managed to seal the gate and banish the daemons back to the warp. The day was saved!

Oh, how wrong they were...

Exalted champion Gorius was blown into pieces by a demolisher cannon, but the strong effect of the open Warp portal, and the knowledge of Grand Sorcerer Adrastus saw the body of Gorius respawned. Now Gorius have returned to Kemlik, intent on recuiting and enslaving the tainted population.

With the help of Imoteph of the Thousand Sons, the cohort have been able to track down a large number of renegade psykers, some who just had their powers awoken due to the massive warp exposure.

As Gorius and his force of Diciples of Keraz makes their way through the blasted city, the Black Scorpions intervene once again...

"Exalted Champion, the Astartes are pursuing our convoy. What are your orders?" said Imotehp of the Thousand Sons. Lord Keraz had been generous when sending the Aspiring Sorcerer and his Rubic marines along the expedition. Gorious only found him annoying.
"Halt the convoy! Turn to face the dogs of the Bastard Emperor! Unleash the blessed ones! Release the prisoners!" Gorious growled.
"But the prisoners are far from ready, Exalted Champion. I can guide their destructive power, but they will most certainly burn out before nightfall." said Imotehp, not really caring for the fate of the captured rouge psykers.
"Do you question me?" growled Gorius, his mutated flesh taking on a red hue.
"Of course not, Exalted Champion. Your will be done." said Imotehp and turned to adress his Rubic marines.
"Take positions! We'll halt their advance here!"

The Black Legion and Sons of Keraz quickly turned their forces, ready to face the Black Scorpions. Gorius took up positions on the roof of small chapell, ready to bring his squads plasmaguns to bear.
Imotehp and his Rubic marines embarked the only Rhino APC that was brought with the expedition, ready to guide the rogue psykers destructive powers.

The Black Scorpions spearheaded the Black Legion's position with what seemed like an endless wave of armour. Predators, skimmers and Rhino APC's rumbled into position.

The devoted ones, the Diciples of Keraz flanked the Black Scorpions, with a lot melta weapons, Chimera APC's, Banewolves and a unit of "Blessed ones" - militia that had been blessed with the gift of spawnhood. During their expedition, only a few spawns had been found in the tainted underhive, but imediatly they recognized their masters - The Black Legion.

The resistance was fierce, and the Diciples was finally slain to the last man - but not before killing an entire squad of enhanced veterans (Counts as Death Company).

The Chimera APC was blown up by concentrated fire from the Predators. Imotehp was still able to do his work from his Rhino. Unfortunally, the power from the rogue psykers was to much to handle, and Imotehp was only able to inflict minor damage on the Astartes.

"Abandon positions!" Gorius shouted over the vox with a snarl on his face. He hated defeat, but he had a task at hand, and dying would not see the task done.
"Retreat back to the dropzone!"
"Keraz will have your head if you don't gather enough slaves for the task at hand, Exalted Champion." Imotehp said while his Rubic marines gave him covering fire.
"If you want to stay here and finish the task, then fine!"
Gorius jumped down from the roof, most of his squad killed by heavy fire from the armoured force.
Imotehp said nothing, he just led his marines into a run as they ran towards their lines.

Ouch! This was not what I was expecting! 3 Predators, Land speeder typhoons and Rhinos! Luckily for me, I took a veteran squad in a Chimera, sporting 3 meltaguns and a demolition charge. This was just the thing needed to take out the Death Company. The Banewolf never got to use its chem-cannon, since Rory knew exactly what it was capable of.

The plan with my battle psykers and Thousand sons also failed. The psykers was supposed to weaken the leadership of any enemy squad, and Imotehp was supposed to use his Psychic Shriek to kill the squad without being fought. The Chimera got blown up early and the psykers got slowly killed of by the predators.

Gorious on the other hand did quite well. He held an objective the entire game, while his squad fired their plasmagun at various targets. Rory calculated that the squad survived aproximatly 40 wounds. In the end though, only Gorius and the icon bearer survived the battle, abandoning positions.

Although I didn't hold any objectives, Rory thought that I should get at least 1 victory point for the objective Gorius refused to abandon until the very last moment. So the game ended 3-1 to Rory.
These victory points will be used in the final battle of the campaign. More on that later.

Gorius performance earned him the "feel no pain card" - once per campaign, I may play this card and allow Gorius' squad to benefit from his feel no pain rule.

My Lord Enforcer was killed by a squad of Tactical Marines, so we ruled that he would get the "Relentless card".

Next battle will be an assault on my position. It's bunker time!!


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