onsdag 30 maj 2012

Failed Apocalypse

A while ago I was hosting an Apocalypse game at my place. This was to be a follow up to the Battle for Kemlik Square game held at Rory's place. The other two player got sick (the saturday night fever) and had to cancel. This didn't stop me and Rory though! We decided to play a game of 2000 pts per side instead.

My choice for this game was The Sons of Keraz, 2000 pts in all it's glory!

Rory wanted to try an all Death Company army... All mounted in Land raiders.

 Rory Deploys his forces.

It took nearly all my firepower to stop the Death Company Dreadnought.

The game was over way to fast, so we decided to play another game! Since it was very long time ago since I played Daemons, I thought that I would have a go.

Nurgle Daemon Princes always prove useful to me. This fellow held his ground for a good couple of turns.

A Lord of Change and a Keeper of Secrets in an epic stand-off!

I lost both games, but we had a great time! I blame the terrain for not being finished...
Until next time!

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