fredag 27 april 2012

Battle for Kemlik Square

Nearly a week ago I played a game of Apocalypse with a couple of friends. The game was supposed to be a 2 vs 2 game, but my ally got sick the last moment, so I had to pack the double and stand against the Imperium on my own!

I will be posting pictures af the game and writing descriptions of the pictures. If you want the full fiction of the game, head over to the Black Scorpions blog. I really recomend it!

The gaming table in all its glory!

Rik and Rory discuss the deployment, a problem I had to face by myself!
The Black Scorpions, mustered for war!

 The Imperium has deployed... has Chaos!

My infantry platoons suffer greatly from the huge walker and trio of dreadnoughts.

A chimera is destroyed, forcing the Diciples of Keraz to disembark.

The autocannon team destroys a rhino, allowing the conscripts to fire at the marines inside.

 The Black Scorpions librarian investigates the Warp anomaly in the church.

The infantry of the Warrick 1st rifles advances.

The Black Scorpions claim an objective.

The missile launcher team finally manages to pop a Leman Russ.

The Black Scorpions takes "The Jolly Goblin" claiming another beer objective.

The Daemons arrive to save ruin the day!!

And that's it for this time! A short telling of the game: Turn 1 saw me taking a lot of casualties, without being able to deal much pain back. Turn 2 I had to abandon my 2 objectives and re-deploy using strategic assets and reserves. Turn 3 my Daemons arrived and made the imperium turn their attention towards me. Last turn, turn 4 allowed me to move my daemons, contesting 2 objectives. In the end, we had the Imperium holding 2 objectives, Chaos holding 2, and 2 Blood Thirsters contesting 2 objectives.

A draw, to my surprise....

Next time I'll post a battle report!


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