måndag 28 maj 2012

Siege on Quintus

The 26th of may I was hosting an Apocalypse game at Games Workshop Oslo.
A big thanks to all who participated, and congratulations to the attacking side who won the game.
To the defenders; You fought bravely, but it was a difficult mission. I really hope you enjoyed the game, and that I will be able to host another game again soon!

The table set up! A desolate winter plain. On the hill in the upper left corner stands an arcane ruin which pulsates with warp-power. The attacking side must destroy it in close combat. Before they can reach the ruins they must first breach the walls of the fortress!

The defenders set up on the walls, manning the autocannons, while the attackers set up dangerously close to the fortress!

The game begins! There was at least 7 players participating in the game.

A lone Chaos sorcerer held the gate by himself against 30 guardsmen and Commissar Yarrick! In the end he was felled by a Grey Knight support.

The wall has been breached! Grey Knights pour in to attack the defenders.

Thanks again to all!
Until next time!

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