onsdag 18 april 2012

Prepare for War!!

The 21st of april I am going to play a 2 VS 2 Apocalypse game with a couple of friends. Finally, it won't be space marine gallore, but Imperium VS Chaos! Me and my ally both play Renegade Guard, and I will include some Chaos Marines (and perhaps some daemons), and we are up against Imperial Guard and Space Marines from the Black Scorpion chapter.

So, for this occasion I have made a couple of Agis Defence lines to use as strategic asset. Since theese would be exclusively for my Renegade army, I used miliput to scultp chaos stars over the Aquilla, and filler to give the ground on the (home made) base some height.

And although I don't intend to use it this weekend, I made some bunkers for Planetstrike or Apocalypse games. Since I wanted it to go with my renegade force, and considering they have a very feral/medival look, I used the towers from the Warhammer Fantasy Fortress.

I'm really looking forward to the game. Results and a battle report will be posted eventually.

Until then, Cheers!!

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