måndag 13 december 2010

Flu, Kill Team and Apocalypse!

Stayed home a week, had fever 5 days and still have a cold, you can see my reason for not posting recently. Feeling a lot better, and got the chance to play a lot of 40k.

The article for The Astronomican was delivered in time, so at the end of december the next issue will be released. Have had the urge to play Kill Team, so I invited my friends for a couple of games. The plan was to come up with new skills, additional missions and extra rules. We playtested some missions, and I am far from done. What I'm looking for is to re-create the first edition of Kill Team, using the Force Organisation Chart from the Battle Mission book.

I decided to play my Catachan Devils Kill Team (as my Deathwatch Kill Team isn't done yet), and they performed well. The Sentinel is just a waste of points, and so is Harker, but overall they performed well.

We tried some assault missions, but they were too hard/easy (depending on which side you were on) and need some modification.

Last saturday we played an Apocalypse game at the local GW store. We expected a lot of people to show up, but the only ones showing up was me, a friend and a random customer. We was to play a assault mission, using the fortress of redemtion as centerpiece. The main objective was to hold the fortress (which could not be destroyed). It was me against Guard and Crimson Fists.

They had a bit more than I had, and on top of that they had a lot of tanks and I didn't have too many Monstrous Creatures. On top of that, which ruined the gaming experience for me, a second friend appeared mid-game and was allowed to deploy hi Eldar Strike force. From that point the game got boring, but I tried to be a good sport and finished the game. I managed to kill of most of the Eldar, the Crimson Fists had to leave at the end of the game, and the tanks were just impossible to destroy, especially the Super Heavies, which there was three of...

The Eldar interruption hindered my plans to take the fortress. I had to breach the door which had AV 14, so a Monstrous Creature was needed there. When the Door was breached the battering ram had to give way for infantry to enter the fortress. Unfortunatly most of my infantry was killed, to far off or locked in combat.

My secondary objective was to kill 3 HQ, which I managed to do with An'ggrath the (still) Undefeated. The good side's secondary objective was to kill An'ggrath. They failed, but the monster only had one wound left...

I learned a lot about Apocalypse, and I will share some of my future tactics.

- Surprise!
Keep Gargantuan Creatures/ Super Heavies in reserve. Have them appear turn 3 and deploy them where they're needed the most. A monster that has not materialized can't take damage, so next time he will have more than 1 wound left at the end of the game.
Same thing goes for Soul Grinders. have at least one in reserve.

- Monsters
More monstrous creatures! I will try to field a Tetragon of Darkness, using a large area as focus for deep strike, and the monstrous creatures will act as fire magnets and/or tank hunters.

- Heralds of Slaanesh
The Masque used her Grand Pavane of Slaanesh, wich worked like a charm, but I don't think the entire Great Promenade formation is worth it. Next time I will try to field several Heralds of Slaanesh with Pavande of Slaanesh. Which unit will waste 10-20 shots to kill a single model?

- Heralds of Tzeentch
Next time I will also field several Heralds of Tzeentch, armed with Bolt of Tzeentch and We are Legion, all of them joining a single unit of Horrors. I will have a 20+ unit with the ability to shoot several anti-tank bolts at separate targets!

That's it for today. Will see if there will be any gaming this weekend.
Until next time then!

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