onsdag 2 maj 2012

Eldars vs Sons of Keraz

4th of april, Me against Mons in a 1500pts match of 40k.
Place: Games Workshop Oslo.
I was expecting Mons to bring his Necrons, but instead he chose to field his Eldar army from Saim-Hann. And me, instead of using Codex: Imperial Guard I opted to use the Defenders of Vraks army list.

Point limit: 1500 pts
Deployment: Pitched Battle
Mission: Annihilation

The war walkers open fire at the combined command squad and kills 7 men. They roll for random leadership, getting LD 5 for the rest of the game... And still manages to make the roll!

The missile launcher team downs the Wave serpent, only to reveal its deadly cargo!

The striking scorpions deploy from their wave serpent. They fire and assault the combined militia squad, wiping it from the table with only one casualty.

The combined fire from the chaos marines, the workers rabble, sentry guns and a heavy flamer from a manticore only manage to kill 3 scorpions. The marines charged the scorpions and managed to die without downing even one eldar!

After destroying the demolisher, the fire dragons bear their guns on the armoured fist squad, killing 7 of the guardsmen.

The striking scorpions are finally killed by the sentry guns and the mighty inferno cannon from the hellhound tank.

After a long exchange of fire (and harsh language), the dire avengers and farseer reaches the combined command squad. All renegades are cut down...

...But vengance is sweet! The hellhound kills 6 dire avengers and the farseer!


Mons uses his psychic powers to shake hands.

An interesting game. Not much was left on the table when we were done.
The eldars managed to score 10 kill points, while the sons of Keraz only got 4.

Eldar Victory!

Since we played with experience points, Mons got to nominate 2 surviving units and I got one.
His dire avengers got scout, while his war walkers got to re-roll dangerouns terrain tests, a useless ability since walkers already benefit from this rule...

Not much survived the eldars wrath, so I had to give the experience point to the autocannon team, which rolled "Fearless". Not great, but could be worse.

Until next time!

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