torsdag 19 augusti 2010

More Blood Angels

For 2 weeks I've been down to my local GW store just to find out that their shipment has been delayed, so I won't be able to get my Captain Tycho untill next week.

Meanwhile, I'm painting the Space Hulk terminators. There are a lot of details on those figures, so it's probably going to take some time to finish them.

For the last 2 weeks I have also played every saturday against a kid playing Chaos Space Marines. We have played at a 1000p limit, and his army list contains a lot of things reserved for larger lists, including a land raider and lord with a terminator bodyguard. I'm trying to learn how to play, since I haven't been very active since 3rd edition, and the things I've learned is that you need a lot of troop choises for holding objectives. I've been reading a lot of tacticas as well as taking advice from friends and forums, and most say the same: Lots of marines and troop choises. One friend even went as far as saying that the Death Company should be dropped since it's too exspensive. Considering a lot of theese advices I have also gotten myself a Baal predator.

Fitted it with the Flamestorm cannon and heavy flamers and hope to do some damage in turn 1. With the tank being fast and also have scout, I hope to get real close turn one and dish out some damage so my tactical squads can focus on the heavier targets. As I was saying, this kid has most things in his list that are reserved for larger armies, but the problem is that we have always played for kill points. This means that you score 1 point for each unit wiped, and the player with most points, wins. Sure, I have an army hard enough to pose a threat, but I have to deal with terminators, lords, daemonprinces and land raiders!! That's why I bought the Baal and put some focus on the terminators. I will try to play at his level, and maybe even add a Furioso to the list!

I dislike metal figures since thay chip so easily, so I based my Furioso on the space marine venerable dreadnought, with the close combat arms from Forge World and a death mask from the Sanguinary guard. I haven't played with the Furioso yet, but I think I will try out dual blood talons for maximum plowing effect.

And a note on the Baal predator, I didn't use any of the Blood Angels icons on the tank since the weapons already have chapter specific markings on them, and I really want to use the icons on my command razorback and/or land raider. And of course, when I get a land raider it will be the Redeemer pattern. Twin-linked assault cannon and two flamestorm cannons. That's like a giant Baal predator with transport capacity!!

Or more like three predators...

Untill next week then!

P.S. I've won 2/2 against "Kid Chaos" ;)

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