torsdag 26 augusti 2010

More gaming + army markers

Last weekend I played my weekly 40k game. This time it was agains another Blood Angel army, featuring Dante and Lemartes. Since the pointlimit was set to 1500 points, I chose to bring Captain Tycho (wich is now in my possesion). Accompanying him was a Sternguards squad, two Tactical squads, one Assault squad, one Devastator Squad and one Baal Predator with flamestorm cannon, and last but not least, a Furioso Dreadnought.

And once again, the objective was kill points...

I deployed everything near, except for a split tactical with bolters, and the Baal close behind. The plan was to force the Death Company away from the rest of the army and purging them with the flamestorm cannon. Next in line was the furioso, so when they eventually killed of the Baal, they would be stuck in combat with a Dreadnought.

Everything went as planned, except for Dante. I had to much confidence in my Sternguard, wich by the way is awsome(!), so I only managed to kill Dante in the last round.

Fun game, although I lost.

I have been painting my terminators, and they are soon done. Now I have 10 more, plus a tactical squad, 2 Dreadnoughts, one Baal, one Land Speeder, 2 Sanguinary Priests, 4 Devastators, 2 Assault marines, 4 Captains and Captain Tycho...

I also have a bunch of Teleport homers that I've gotten from friends or boxes of my own. These will fill the function of Objective markers. I am alos trying to find Cherubims to use as Wound markers, but they are only avaliable in boxed sets... And I'm not in the mood to spend money on 2 Inquisitorial squads just to get my hands on 2 familiars. Will have to figure that one out.

Untill next time then.

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