torsdag 1 juli 2010

New month, new project!

So, it's the 1st of july, and I'm almost done with my first 30 Blood Angels.

I will now engage in what my friends call a Monthly Challenge. They set up a goal and try to complete it before the month runs out. So, since I completed the 30 first, I think I should continue with the Blood Angels and proceed with the next thing on the armylist.
So, during July, I will try to complete 5 Death Company marines, 5 Honourguards, 10 Veterans (5 Strenguards and 5 Vanguards), and finally 1 Chaplain and 1 Captain. The only thing missing from my armylist is now another Assault Squad and a Sanguinary Priest.

But enough of my Future plans, here's the result of my hard work (and neckpain).

Two of my Tactical Marines. Whats missing from all my "finished" marines is the base, blood in the phials, writings on the scrolls and squad markings.

Two of my Devastators. I'm not completley satisfied with the blue color on the helmets. It looks too shiny. I will maybe repaint them and skip the washing step.

The assault Marines. Can't say I'm not satisfied with theese ones. Although I'm not to happy with the crappy poses I gave them. The next squad will have more dynamic poses.

And here are some pictures of what I have left to paint.

Sternguards, Converted using the Death Company sprues, various Space Marine bits, and boltermagazines from the Terminator box.

The Honour Guard. I have already showed some pics of theese, but now they have some paint on them. Im actually looking forward to paint the banner, wich will be a free-hand motive.

The Vanguard. Same here, Deatch Company bits and various Space Marine bits. Tried to make them look like veterans by adding parchement, purity seals and special weapons.

Death Company, only five models. All are posed in a dynamic agressive way. I have a lot of shoulderpads with DC markings left, so they came to a good use here.

There we go, next week I'll maybe have pictures of my finished first 30, or my WIP models, who knows?

Untill then, Cheers!

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