torsdag 24 juni 2010

Painting Blood Angels

With my new spraygun, I did 2 hours of work in 15 minutes. Spraying 30 marines red was pleasing, 'cause painting it all by hand is a real pain.

Currently I have painted 30 marines, one squad of each: Tactical, Assault and Devastator. When I paint BA I start out with the red armour and finish it. Then I paint the vents, exhausts and weapons Boltgun metal. The aquilla, BA logo and other parts is then painted black. After this I shade the black and metal. After this, helmets are painted. Yellow for assault squads and blue for devastators. Theese are then shaded as well with washes. Right now I'm painting skulls, parchement and purity seals. After they are shaded I will move on to gems and other decorations. The last thing I will paint on the figure is the head, and then I will begin highlighting the figures.

Here's a small picture of my work in progress. I don't have any intresting to show for today, so this will do.

Hopefully I will be able to post pictures of the finished marines next week. And if I don't, I will give pictures of my sonverted Sternguards.

Untill next week then!

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