torsdag 8 juli 2010

Monthly Challenge - Week 1

So, I'm in week one of my monthly challenge. I've said that I'll paint 20 figures before august, and it's actually looking pretty good. I've split up the figures into 2 groups. The first group will be painted within 2 weeks, and the other within the rest.
Currently, I'm painting 5 Death Company models and the Honour Guard.

The figures are all basecoated, painted in the basecolours and washed. They even have a few highlights, but those will be done next week.

And as a bonus, I'm also adding a Chaplain to the Death Company. He is painted in the same colours as the Death Company.

One exception I make: The banner probably won't be painted until august. I'm planning to hand paint the motif myself, and this part will not be stressed. It will take time to get it right.

So, hopefully you will get to se the finished figures next week, before I start on the second group.
So untill next week then. Cheers!

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