torsdag 17 juni 2010

Men of Catacha!

My Catachan Kill Team looks like its expanding. All the bits I had turned into three full squads, and pretty soon I have to expand it into a full army.

This first model is Sergeant Krauser. I used a banner arm, cut off the pole and replaced it with a catachan sword to make him look like a laid back hard ass.

The second model is one of my snipers. I cut the skull under the foot, and after I had glued him to the base I found a small stone that fitted under the foot. I used the medic head, since I liked the bionic eyes (although I actually hate the head).
The reason I'm late with this weeks blog is because I just got home from my vacation. For now I will focus on my Blood Angels, so expect a couple of entries about them in the future.
Until then, cheers!

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