söndag 15 november 2009

How to: Take good pictures of your minis.

I'm going to explain how you take good pictures of you miniatures.
This requires the following:
1. A good camera with MACRO function.
2. Space for photographing.
3. A lot of bright light.
4. A miniature to phtograph.

1: I use an Olympus sp-55ouz. I have a Nikon D60, but no Macro lens for it, and since one of those cost about as much as the actual camera, I'm sticking with Olympus for a while.

2: I use a small table that stands agains the wall and my closet. To get the real studio feel, I have taped a large paper on the closet so it falls over the table to get a smooth look instad of a rough horizon. For those that don't understand my crappy english (despite my best efforts to explain), look at the picture below.

3: Bright light is an importand factor! Unfortunatly, I don't have enough lamps, and this results in shadow being cast over the miniature. Will have to pay a visit to IKEA and get a new one with stonger bulbs.

4: Now all you need is a miniature to photograph! I use... well, all the figures I'm currently painting.

An anonymous person gave me the tips to not zoom in on your minis, but bring the camera closer the models. Thank you, anonymous!

For those with sharp eyes, can you tell what miniature's in the spotlight?
On sunday, I'll post more pictures of that figure!
It's still a WIP (Work in Progress), but hopefully I'll get it done by sunday!

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