söndag 15 november 2009

Focus: Herald of Khorne

Ever wondered what happened to the Khorne Herald that you get when you buy Uraka the Warfiend? Wonder no more, because I painted it.

Yes, simple as that.

The picture below is actually taken a while ago, when it was still a WIP.

Needless to say, I used the same methods for painting it as I used for the Bloodletters and Uraka. What I really love about this mini is the size of it! It's still a Bloodletter, but larger then the standard ones!

Size does matters!

For the base, I went for the cityfight texture that I use on all my Khorne figures. On the Herald I added some rocks and piles of skulls from the Warhammer Basing Kit.

The blood effect on the corpse, as well as the eyes on the poor victim are two things I'm not completly satisfied with...

That's why I repainted them. Thanks to Alf at Games Workshop Oslo for helping me with the blood effect!

As for the horns, I had completly forgotten to paint them. They looked really good all red, but since I wanted the herald to look more like a big bloodletter (wich, as I said before, it actually is), I decided to paint them in a bone colour.

I guess I stressed this mini a bit, and I totally understand why. I have another mini (although it's huge!) on my desk that I want to paint. Pictures will be up this wednesday!

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